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Welcome to my gallery!
Here you'll find anything from my own poems, fanfcition, my original art and fanart.
I'm always thankful for favourites and comments! :la:
Constuctive critisism is appreciated.




Rico doodles by ZuperZora89
Rico doodles
Drew some Rico. Decided to have some extra fun colouring one of them. I'M SURE YOU CAN TELL WHICH ONE THAT IS
Everything is better with flower crowns by ZuperZora89
Everything is better with flower crowns
Took this screencap to use as my new desktop wallpaper and then I photohopped some flower crowns on their heads because FLOWER CROWNS

(If you want to use this as a wallpaper for some reason, you can download it and do so, I guess. :shrug: )
Movie night cuddles.

It was a late evening in Central Park Zoo. Down in the penguins' bunker the tv was on.  It had been on the whole evening, showing various films and documentaries because the penguins had decided to have a movie night. However, half way trough the evening Kowalski had gotten a brilliant plan whilst they were watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and had rushed off into his lab and had not returned since.
Private had fallen asleep out of boredom after both Skipper and Rico had outvoted him on his wish to see his favourite Lunacorn movie and instead had begun watching some sort of action-packed movie that Private couldn't bother remembering the name of.
With Kowalski in his lab and Private soundly asleep, which of course the two older penguins had noticed, evoking an "aaww" reaction in them both and Skipper ordering Rico to carry Private over to his bunk, where he kissed him good night.

Rico had returned and sat down next to Skipper again, whom unpaused the movie just as a big explosion was about to go off.
"Ooooh!" Rico exclaimed with joy as it did.
"Yeah, that's more like it! Not like those strange Lunaticorn -or whatever- movies that Private's all obsessed about. This is the real deal, right Rico?"
Rico glanced over at Skipper and nodded enthusiatically. Amongst fish and blowing things up, watching these kind of movies, especially together with his favourite Skipper, was what he loved the most.
The boys continued to enjoy the movie with its action-packed scenes until quite unexpectedly, it turned rather mushy and lovey-dovey.
"Aww come on! Where's the action?? Right Ri-"
As Skipper turned to Rico he lost what he was about to say as Rico was already glancing at him, blushing a bit. It looked like Rico has just been about so say something too, because he had closed his beak, his eyes were shifting a bit and he was rubbing his flippers together nervously.
Skipper blinked, then rose one of his "brows" and said; "Well, what is it? Spit it out boy!"
Rico moved one of his flippers up to skratch himself nervously behind his head before he replied; "Ya....ya wanna cuddle o' someth'n?"
Before his brain completely grasped what Rico had just asked, Skipper replied; "Why yes, I want to-" he interrupted himself and quickly added, "-what? No, I don-"
Rico tilted his head and stared at Skipper with pleading puppy-dog eyes, which caused Skipper's heart to melt more than he'd ever admit to anyone.
He sighed. "Okay then..." He smiled and added; "maybe just a tiny little bit."
Rico gave him a big smile and scooched over, closing the small distance between them.
"Come here you..." Skipper said affectionately as they wrapped their flippers around eachother in a snug embrace. Skipper let his head rest against Rico's chest and Rico placed his beak on top of Skippers head, sighing happilly.

They watched the rest of the movie, enjoying it, and the cozyness of eachother.
Movie Night Cuddles
Suddenly some short ficcage, suddenly Skico :heart:

I had way too much fun writing this...

Short summary: The penguins have a movie night, and some Rico/Skipper cuddles happen. :love:
*sees all the lovely tpom fanart*

I've got one now. I also have Pokemon X and Animal Crossing: New Leaf on it and I'd love to have more friends to play with, so if you're up for it, leave a comment and we can exchange friend codes! (I prefer to send mine trough a pm, fyi.)


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Just your regular fangirl/anime/cartoon lover and shipper of various things. I art sometimes.

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